Thursday, 26 January 2012

Forecasters call for Rain


Rain?!?!? Well raining babies that is. There is a saying that during the leap year all kinds of folks end up pregnant or having babies. I know 8 people that are preggers, two them actually had babies this week. I am ecstatic for all the mommies and mommies to be, because I know they will be awesome parents.  Do I hope to be one of them??? Heck Yeah!! I would be lying if I said I was not envious of them. Just passing a pregnant woman in the grocery store makes me go "awwww" because I long to feel a growing baby in my stomach. Do I want to go through the morning sickness, backaches and the weeble wobble gait errrr not so much but if that is the road I have to walk then I'll just put my big girl panties on. So if this year calls for raining babies I don't need an umbrella cos I got my arms wide open :)

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