Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Father forgive me

Lawd have mercy, I ain't been that heated in a minute. So!! I had a 2:00pm patient today that didn't show or at least so I thought. At 3:30pm the dentist question her assistant about a chart that was left of the counter top, I just happen to glance at the name and saw it was my "no show". I take the chart from her and proceed to the front desk to ask the office manager what happened. When I question her if the patient showed up she says "yes at 2:00pm", the steam begins to rise from my head. I ask her why didn't she tell me she says "don't you check the waiting room". Mind you I have been at this office for over a year and never had to do this. I say "no because you should have told me". This wankster says "I don't tell Dr. Skippings when her patients are here". At that moment I saw myself attack this lady repeatedly striking her to the throat. When I came back from my blacking out she says "well you better call and apologize"......and scene! Now keep in mind I am a born again christian AND this is my week of fasting with my dance ministry. Why did I allow myself to get all worked up and almost curse this woman!??!? Because I am still human and God gave me a lil wiggle room for all my flaws. I asked him for forgiveness and I know he has already forgotten about it. That's why I love me some Jesus he wont ever remind me of my awful behavior or try to throw it in my face when I am on the right path. He won't ever be like "hmph look at her dancing up there and just last week she told so and so off". If you don't know bout him you better ask somebody babaaayyyy!

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